Only sex or Shah Rukh sell in India…

Ok that has absolutely nothing to do this very interesting article – it’s something Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia said a while back.

But it did catch your attention, right? And this blog loves attention, all we can get! 🙂

No seriously do check out this article written by Mr. Shah Rukh Khan for Outlook. While I’m not generally a big fan of SRK’s movies ( the romance and drama is a little too much for me) I do like the public image he has created for himself. Of course, he is a charmer – but he could’ve used that to just sell his films no? But I do like how he accepts that he has become the “spokesperson” of some sorts for every Muslim/Hindu-Muslim issue India or South Asia has.

I particularly like this part of his (highly controversial) article:

Stereotyping and contextualizing is the way of the world we live in: a world in which definition has become central to security. We take comfort in defining phenomena, objects and people – with a limited amount of knowledge and along known parameters. The predictability that naturally arises from these definitions makes us feel secure within our own limitations.

Because beyond the Khans, it applies to all of us doesn’t it? We do rely on stereotyping the world we live – this blog is kinda proof of that isn’t? To be fair to ourselves, most of the time we do it to protect ourselves from what we don’t know. But there is a very thin line between protecting ourselves and just being unfair. Usually, its difficult knowing when one has crossed it.

Now back to boy search.

Hint: intelligent conversation on this article combined with general Farhan movie talk will work in your favor boys. Intelligent is the key word, okay?

Shah Rukh Khan


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