Single woman spends 14 years with mannequin family to make a point [17 pictures]

I don’t know if I would ever get to this, I hope not at least. The pictures she’s taken with her mannequin family is simply amazing. I thought it was a cool idea, but I do wonder isn’t it a teeny bit odd that she spent 14 years with the mannequins? Here’s the article.

After hearing the same question over and over from friends and family — “Why aren’t you married yet?” — art director Suzanne Heintz got tired of it and set out to do something about it. She got herself a little family…of mannequins.

Over the course of 14 years and 10,000 miles of travel, she took her fake family everywhere and took all kinds of “family” pictures….

Next time if any Aunties asks  me – “Why aren’t you married yet?”, I might just tell them I plan to have a mannequin family soon.


Life-Once-Removed-13 Life-Once-Removed-07


Hello there…

….we’ve been MIA. We know, but with good reason! We have no stories you see, which was why we asked for THIS. But since nobody was feeling very share-y we decided to go scouting around blog-o-sphere. And tadaaa…..stories more stories! 

Like this awesome blog here - 

And keeping in line with her questions, we also found this absolutely moronic WikiHow post. Really lets report this page, because I think it is downright offensive. Do you?

Till the next time we re-appear, toodles!

Are you in the Market?

Much as we don’t identify with most of these signs, they’re funny nonetheless. Though #14 totally rings true! And yes totally EWWWW.

Also in the spirit of holiday season, let’s ignore the length of the link :) As always The New Yorker says it the best.

Happy Holidays y’all!


Life sans auto-correct and smartphone – Day 5 (Feels like Day 237)

You guessed right, I don’t have my iPhone,  I’m bored and I’m blogging away. Also, ‘youtubing’ away and that’s how I discovered Supawoman on YouTube . Thought this particular episode was pretty funny and very relevant to our blog – so you know what you need to do now, right? Yes, hit play and watch (duhhh)


Life Sans Autocorrect and Smartphones – Day 4 (Feels like Day 155)

Dear readers, my iPhone died recently and I sent out an “email” to some of my friends so I could inform them about this unfortunate incident. I’ve decided to share this with y’all -

Beloved Whatsapp Friends,

I wanted to let you know that my iPhone died today (R.I.P) and if you’ve been messaging me on Whatsapp –  I’m not ignoring you, it’s just that my spare phone is from the 13th century and does not have Whatsapp/Instagram/Email/Facebook/Google has nothing!! Please use other means to communicate with me for the time being.

help me!

help me!

You must now allow me to mourn in peace.


iPhone-less Southie

 The following is a conversation between me and Northie on EMAIL, the ancient communication form…not Whatsapp…

Northie: THIS IS TRAGIC, my sympathies friend. Don’t worry igloo plans will be postponed till you are iPhoney Southie.

 Southie: Thank you for your concern friend! It is beyond tragic…beyond tragic! Don’t know how to work the alarm on the 13th century phone.

I’m going to write about my experience without a smartphone on the blog…think it will help me in the grieving process.

Long live email!

Keep me posted about what’s going on in the modern world ok!!

Northie: Yes yes, life sans smart phone. Gasp. Gulp. Give up.

Blog away, it is the only way I think. Maybe Faru can make a movie about that then. “When my smart phone died…”   Email ki jai ho.



A few days later…..

Southie: Life is tough without autocorrect man

Northie: I know right – much as autocorrect gets annoying, its a life saver too. Or effort saver.


Please excuse me now, I must go bang my head on a wall or find something else to do…….because I can’t remember what my life was like before smartphones! Now I know what life was like for the Flinstones!

Nah, Nothing, Zilch, Nada.

Hello hello our 3.75 readers! Person who checks out our “about us” page every day, we totally love you. But of course you don’t know that because its on this page and not the “about us” page. Unrequited love, this.

And that brings us to my post for today, which has absolutely nothing to do with unrequited love. But still it got you sufficiently interested didn’t it? HAH! Okay fine – we’re back to our favorite topic, parents! More specifically, parents on boys. Because our parents love talking about them these days. In fact thats all our parents ( and everyone else talks to us about). And we never have anything to say. To quote Southie “nahh, nothing, zilch, nada”. But that doesn’t stop anyone from asking.

Like my parents. Who are currently in a conundrum. Because there is a boy. Yes, you read that right. And no he wasn’t found on a so Shaadi, please chill. But yes, since it’s not done “via our channel” the parents are required to chill and back off. Except they are doing nothing of that sort. After trying to be chill for a month exactly, the mother went off on a long rant about ” what is there to think so much…what are you doing…how long will you wait………….” Obviously I had to intervene and ask her what she would think of a boy who declared true love for me and proposed marriage within a month or so. Without skipping a beat the mother said “which idiot do you speak of?? Is that what this boy you found did?? Why don’t normal people ever ask you out?? First those film makers, now these filmy types….” This was followed by the father stepping in to “solve the problem”. After hushed conversation with the mother, a joint declaration was made “beta, you take your time. You must. We insist. Its how we raised you. But just take your time quickly okay?”

Which was also about the time I gave up on my normally super rational parents. They decided to pretend to chill after above mentioned disaster conversation too. Except the chill period seems to disappear every week or so. When I am asked questions like “so, made any decisions lately?” #facepalm

Also, since you ask about the boy – after he got over the existence of this blog and that I regularly ( ha ha ha) update it, he wanted to know if he would be written about. But since he hasn’t made most deadly, ripe for rejection errors so far, I have nothing to say really. You can join my parents ( who if you ever meet them are kinda cool I will admit) in their daily hope that I will have something to say, sometime soon :)

The Linku who didn’t Pingu.

This is a story – of a boy meets girl ( okay calls girl but see how that turns weird very easily?) so yes, boy meets girl over the phone. And girl decides to think okay, boy you are weird but less weird than I imagined. Girl also decides her imagination tends to run wild, very wild. Just not the wild you’re thinking.

The reason girl is telling you this story, is because her friend unfairly promised she would tell you the story. And maybe because I want to tell you the story – but lets just blame Southie? I like that more.

Anyway, ( isn’t my 500 days of Summer beginning totally cool?) – lets call the boy Linku. And Linku did indeed call.

But before that, Linku sent an extremely well thought out email saying…

“hello Northie,

I got your contact details from your father. Here’s more about me:

<Facebook page>

<Linked In page>

<Orkut page>

Kind Regards,


Obviously I was floored. And decided in 2 seconds that THIS was the boy. And when I “knew all about him” decision was reaffirmed. After all who can resist a boy still using Orkut?

In case you’re wondering, the above was sarcasm.

Linku was spoken to only because the parents insisted I should be open minded. And that conversation didn’t do anything except tell me that this boy can talk, but shouldn’t really talk. To anyone preferably but definitely not me.

And post conversation, Linku added me on gtalk ( duh) where he decided to never pingu.

As is getting obvious we need new topics! Southie and me want to explore non AM topics, and so this blog changes just a little bit. We still rant, but other things take more of the spotlight. Works no?

And meanwhile, all of you read A Suitable Boy. I’m re-reading and can say, I LOVE it even more now. Especially Kabir. But also Pran. #signsthatI’vegrownup

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